D-W-A is a collective of music-obsessed designers, that draw their inspiration from the music industry. The original idea of working with music dates back to 2009. We wanted to express our love of music in our work, we design. That’s where it all started.

In the music industry artists freely express their views and feelings in an infinite number of styles.

D-W-A draws its inspiration from the music industry where sampling, remixing, covers and collaborations are commonplace.

D-W-A is a design collective, where real world designers adapt a character/persona to release music related design. There is full anonymity of members so as to keep our 9-5 careers separate and to let it stand-alone. We are big Dub, Hip Hop and Electronica fans, so we wanted to use these cultures as inspiration in the design process. Drawing on how they revolutionized the music industry as our motivation.

Here at D-W-A it’s all about attitude, we want to reDesign, sample, cover, collaborate and critique the design industry